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Zio Rentals and Studio Services have joined forces, creating one company for all of your production needs: Zio Studio Services.

That means we can now offer an even wider variety of industry-standard production vehicles—all delivered with unparalleled personalized service. Our main focus is always on our clients and ways in which we can save them time. Simply put, we’re committed to simplifying the production-rental process as much as possible. One call. One point of contact. One Contract. That’s our motto. And our clients seem to appreciate it.

So, how did we get here? It wasn’t easy. We started in 2007 with just three trucks, and continually reinvested until we could offer the largest variety of Vehicles, Supplies and Restrooms to the entertainment industry. Zio has provided equipment for a lot of great productions of all sizes, including “NCIS,” “SWAT,” “The Disaster Artist,” “Lady Bird”, “Westworld”, “Captain Marvel”, “Bright,” “Transformers: Bumble Bee”, “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” and most recently “Space Jam”.

But we aren’t just about the large productions. We provide the same level of service, whether you’re creating a small-budget indy film, commercial, new web series, or just need help on a passion project.

Why? Because we started off small ourselves. We know that world. And we’ve had the great opportunity to grow with the producers, location managers, and transportation coordinators from small indy features to the blockbusters we see on screen today. And we hope to grow with you!

Honest. Humble. Helpful. That’s Zio.


As a location manager I’m in constant need of a variety of equipment including bathrooms, tents, tables and chairs, glow-bug lights and so forth. Zio Studio Services is a one stop-shop with a can-do attitude that sets this company apart from the rest. They have the best equipment with the best attitude and very competitive prices, what’s not to like? 

Rick Schuler

Location Manager

This company has all your rental needs. The staff was friendly and amazing to talk to, advising me on what I would need. Everything was on point and I would highly recommend this company for your rental needs and I don't just recommend any company.  I mean they literally they have everything, from trucks, bathrooms, tables, chairs, canopies, lights, etc. talk about your one stop shop. Look no further. Thanks Zio for being so amazing!

Janeen C.

When I call, everyone is always really nice on the phone and they always help me with my orders. Great customer service!

Bailey L.

Zio guys are great for production vehicle rentals and locations equipment like tents, chairs, heaters. The staff was very helpful. 

They're located in North Hollywood near some Kabob, pho, and a Fatburger, so I can do business and grab food at the same time!

John P.

There’s an architects axiom that says you can never have “Fast” “Cheap” and “Good” all at once. Zio proves that wrong with unbelievably excellent service and always with a smile. Louis and the Z team provide exactly the kind of logistical support we need as location managers and the equipment is always first class. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the team understands innately that if the service is good we all look good. The Z Team also understands the importance of good staffing - all of the team members are pleasant, helpful, and intelligent. It’s no wonder that Zio has risen to become such a major player in Hollywood. Ilt Jones

Supervising Location Manager

Probably the best web site I have seen for equipment. Everything loads fast, easy to navigate and very informative. You have a lot of stuff I didn’t know you provide! Thanks for the sneak peak.

Billy Ray Hass

Transportation Coordinator

Zio is an awesome truck and van rental place for film! I've hired their vehicles on many small projects where pass vans and cube trucks were needed. 

Their rates are comparable to other rental places in the area, but what sets them apart for me is their sales team and office staff. People like Rose and Mike who work there are very kind and courteous. I haven't ever felt like they were rolling their eyes at me on the other end of the phone, or just trying to get to the end of the call. You know how some of the bigger rental houses can be like that if only because of sheer volume.

Their vehicles have thus far been clean and run well.

Another plus is their location close to some of the other vendors I use in North Hollwyood.

Anyway! Thanks Zio and keep up the good work.

Paul M.

Great equipment, super friendly staff and reasonable pricing!

Lawrence P.

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