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Since the nationwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Zio Studio Services has been at the forefront of PPE innovation developing on-set sanitation equipment specific to the film industry.

We took measures to reconfigure school buses to transport crew allowing for 6’ distance while traveling. Our Sanitation Station Restrooms allow for 350+ more handwashes on set than ever before. Our most recent testing trailers are already deployed on sets throughout Los Angeles. Take a look at Zio’s custom offerings here.


Zio Studio Services announces Zio Studio Facilities; a division of Zio now offering warehouses, production offices, mill space, storage and parking in a number of convenient LA locations, close to all major studios.

Zio’s mobile restrooms come with a variety of options, including: hot + cold water auto faucets, stereos, and air conditioning. Services include: restroom attendants, delivery, pick-up, cleaning, restocking and pumping services.
production vehicle

Zio is proud to offer the largest variety of production vehicles in the Los Angeles area that include: Motorhomes, Cast Trailers, Honeywagons, WaMus, Office Trailers, and Restrooms. Click and see for yourself.

trucks and vans

Synonymous for the Hollywood production trailer, Zio’s fleet is the largest and most varied collection of film and television trailers bar none.

trucks and vans

Whether you’re looking to wrangle a large group of people comfortably on a location scout or transport your gear safely and securely, Zio’s trucks and vans have got you covered. In stock and available for rent!

Zio’s generators are known for their unsurpassed reliability, efficiency, and of course, their ultra-quiet performance.
carts and gators
Zio Studio Services has teamed up with PowerTrip Studio Rentals to offer Southern California’s entertainment industry a one call solution for heavy equipment and power rentals including aerial lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, carts and utility vehicles.
carts and gators
Zio has expanded our cart and gator inventory tenfold by way of our strategic partnership with POWERTRIP STUDIO RENTALS.
carts and gators
Video Village Vans are Zio’s answer to luxury location scouts with easy and quick VTR connections, script supervisor connections, and up to 6 screens!

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